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Not just a campus celebrity anymore

By now, there is not a sole on campus that hasn’t heard about the half-court shot that won freshman Lemuel Turner free tuition for the coming spring semester at Ball State. But it can be difficult to grasp just how big something is when you’re standing at the epicenter.

Almost two weeks after making the shot, Turner was still the focus of national media. Turner landed in Los Angeles Sept. 1 after media relations from The Ellen Degeneres Show contacted him through Ball State and asked him to be on the show.

Ellen wasn’t the only one interested in chatting with Turner. He said Fox News and ABC News in New York also asked to interview him, but he turned down the offer to be on Ellen.

“It would be more of a fun time on Ellen than a typical news talk show,” said Turner.

The attention he has received from the media, Turner added, is strange because it’s something he is not used to.

“It’s been overwhelming but fun.”

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