Fashion Here & Now: designer profiles

“This can really be whatever I want it to be, and this is a way for me to express myself.”

- Cierra McNeal

Nikki Blaine

Nikki Blaine opened Fashion Here & Now, during Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration on July 18 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. “I was having a playful experience with color. You’ll see a little bit of yellow, black, white, red, fuchsia [and] blue. I was thinking along the line of resort, borderline professional glam-chic, multi-purpose, multi-tasked type collection,” Blaine said. “I’m always about that little bit of va-va-voom.” Her collection featured pieces that ranged in ages, from young girls to working-age women.

Color wasn’t Blaine’s only inspiration for her collection. She used a lot of geometric shapes, especially circles, in her designs. “You’ll see a lot of skirts that have a lot of flounce in them,” said Blaine. But she also made sure to stay true to herself by changing things up with little quirks, she said. “Some asymmetrical, some little inconsistencies like half of a collar. There’s a little mix of pleasure for me. I like to do things a little different, so it’s a little off, but it’s intentional, therefore, it creates its own art that way.”