Everyone can have a BYTE

News isn’t just for the traditional journalists anymore. BYTE is Ball State’s entirely online nerd news organization, and students don’t need to be journalism majors to join.

“We’re the journalism organization for the non-journalism student,” said podcast editor Aidan Hall. “I, myself, am a television and movie studies major.”

Hall described BYTE as a more laid-back organization since its members don’t have to report on heavier news stories. BYTE focuses solely on nerd and geek culture and news.

“The heaviest thing we’ve had to discuss was probably Gamergate last year, which was a serious matter,” he said. “And I think we handled it great.”

Hall later explained that Gamergate brought up the topic of ethics in gaming journalism as well as women in the industry.

“We made sure we [let] everyone know that we’re not one of those organizations that will stand by people who threaten people,” he said. “We are 100 percent open, and we wanted to make sure throughout Gamergate we didn’t want to seem like one of those dude-bro gaming organizations that only focused on the negatives.”

Although BYTE is a niche media organization, this does not prevent it from having a vast audience, which extends beyond Ball State’s campus.

According to Hall, multiple gaming companies such as IGN Entertainment, GameSpot and Game Informer recognize the organization.

“Our former [editor in chief] is currently writing for Playboy,” he added.

Hall also mentioned the opportunities he and his fellow BYTE members have had while creating content. Students in the organization got the chance to do an interview with Chris Sabat, who voiced multiple characters for Dragon Ball Z and other television shows.