College life hacks: tips, tricks for studying, productivity, saving money


Imagine this: graduating from college in four years, debt-free, with an impressive résumé filled with involvement and experience, and good grades to top it all off.

College is meant to prepare students for the “real world.” However, sometimes adjusting to college life can be difficult. Between sharing a small dorm room, living on a tight budget and balancing classwork with clubs, activities and a social life, students can become overwhelmed.

However, students don’t have to figure this all out on their own. Sites like BuzzFeed, Puckermob and have resources for students to help them save money and remain productive. Some students have found their own ways of making the system work for them as well.


Finding the best way to be productive may not always be easy. Different people have different methods that work for them and may not work as well for others.

Freshman English education major Emily Mack sets a timer to help stay productive. “I usually do like 30 to 45 minutes and do homework or projects or something like that for that amount of time and then set it for the same amount of time to do whatever I want,” says Mack. “I’ll do something else that’s productive but is not homework like my own writing or a job application.”

When reading from textbooks, it can be difficult to stay motivated to continue reading. Setting rewards at certain points in the text, like a piece of candy every two or three paragraphs, can help motivate students to continue reading or studying.

Productivity doesn’t just have to do with homework or projects. Balancing work with relaxation and a healthy social life is also an important part in staying productive. Effective organization can help student from becoming overwhelmed.

Freshman English and Spanish major Madison Lyon says having the right balance between work and play keeps her from being a boring person. “I have found that keeping checklists everyday of the things I need to do really help