As a student at Ball State University, I had the opportunity to get involved with multiple student organizations and student media, including: Ball State University Dance Marathon, The Ball State Daily News, Newslink Indiana and WCRD News Live at 5.

With BSUDM, I have run social media accounts, created graphics for many special events and live-streamed multiple fundraising reveals and events. I am so happy I found an organization like Dance Marathon where I am able to use my talents to make a difference.

The student media organizations at Ball State have provided great opportunities for me. I have been able to quickly develop my story-telling skills and become a well-rounded story teller.

I love meeting and talking to new people. Everyone has a different story, and everyone deserves to have their story told. We learn a lot from the people we meet -- they allow us to become more dynamic individuals.


My insatiable curiosity and love of exploring drove me to study abroad during the spring semester of 2017. During this time, I studied at Keele University in England and traveled in my free time. 

After graduating from Ball State in December 2017, I moved to Chicago to start my professional career with The Black Sheep as a National Social Media Manager. I never thought adult life could be as fun as working with this group of people helping college students make memes.

Not long after starting at The Black Sheep, I got the opportunity to change jobs within the company and start building its Campus Influencer program. This was an amazing learning and growth experience for me getting to build something from the ground up that I was also extremely interested in.

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